How YOU can make a difference in the lives of refugee women

This June, walk or run to raise funds to support the empowerment and social integration of migrant and refugee women and girls. 

Now that summer is on its way, what better way to get back into community life than by serving a purpose that really matters? If you are interested in changing the lives of migrant and refugee women and girls while having fun, sign up for the Walk with MIRIAM challenge!

Every year millions of refugees travel thousands of miles to seek a better life. Today, over half of the 26 million refugees worldwide and 79 million displaced people around the world are women and children. Women are increasingly migrating to escape conflict but also to seek better economic opportunities and support their families. 

With the added struggle of the COVID-19 pandemic, now more than ever it is important for us to act. With this purpose in mind, the WONDER Foundation has organised the Walk with Miriam challenge. Joining the challenge gives you an opportunity to show your solidarity and make an impactful change, while also having fun!  

What is the Walk with MIRIAM challenge and how can you take part?

To take part in the event, just pick a challenge related to the numbers 26 and 79. This could be anything, from challenging yourself to run 26 miles through the month of June to walking 7.9 miles on World Refugee Day. The funds you raise will directly support WONDER’s work with migrant and refugee women helping them and their families thrive in their new communities.

This will be possible thanks to the MIRIAM project which aims to support the empowerment and social integration of migrant and refugee women and girls across Europe. Because of poverty and overcrowded housing conditions, migrant and refugee women have been worse hit by COVID-19. They are often in a vulnerable position in the labour market due to less stable employment conditions and their caring responsibilities. 

Project MIRIAM aims to address these issues and empower migrant and refugee women through one-to-one mentoring as well as supporting the development of local language skills, digital skills and wellbeing. 

How YOU will be making a difference?

By taking part in the Walk with MIRIAM challenge, you will be making a concrete impact in the lives of migrant and refugee women and girls! It is essential that women receive language lessons, mentoring and support so that they can make informed life choices and lead the way in their own personal development. More broadly, education can be a long-term investment and solution towards the alleviation of poverty. 

Women’s integration through education is also essential to the success of national development. By granting women this opportunity for growth we help them become potential agents of change and recognised as leaders in society. By contributing to the cause can make an impact on the lives of migrant and refugee women and girls.

So if you want to be a part of this wave of positive change join us in the Walk with MIRIAM challenge. There is no need for you to be an athlete, all you need is some free time and a desire to make a difference. Sign up for the challenge to receive your fundraising toolkit and get started! 

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