How can education change a woman's life?
Hear from the women that our work supports:

Sirama, El Salvador

Claudia’s story

“Thank you very much for supporting Salvadoran women and allowing us to study in an institution accessible to us.” Claudia, El Salvador

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Rita at Lantana College of Hospitality, Nigeria

Rita’s story

“Thank you for your help because it brought me this far and made me who I am today.” Rita, Nigeria

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Aspana at Kamalini, India

Apsana’s story

“I want to express my gratitude and say thanks. All this help has enabled us to dream big and do better things. Thank you so much.” Apsana, India

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Midwifery and Nursing Education at ISSI in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Cherubin’s story

“I chose to take this training to acquire the skills necessary to train future midwives so that they better understand their role in the practice of their profession.” Cherubin, DR Congo

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Akello’s story

“Thanks to Pearlcrest, I am not only building my career path but I have also made new friends, improved my self-esteem, [and] learnt how to conserve nature.” Akello, Uganda

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Blessing’s story

“I would like to say a very big thank you because without WONDER, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my education here in Wavecrest College.” Blessing, Nigeria

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Meena’s story

“I hoped that some day I would be able to provide a good future for my daughter and be financially independent.” Meena, India

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Micaella’s story

“Teachers genuinely care about their students, so I do the same. I care for people who are around me.” Micaella, the Philippines

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