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Why Female Education?

For women and girls, access to quality education can change everything.

Educate and empower women and girls, transform the world

Millions of women and girls globally are denied access to quality education. Victims of poverty and traditional gender biases, 65 million girls of primary and secondary school age are kept out of the classrooms.

Without quality education, it is difficult for a woman to support herself, she lacks the skills necessary to improve her own health, make good decisions for her overall well being, and advance her employment and leadership prospects. This means that she will be unable to contribute productively as members of her communities. By keeping women and girls out of schools, society as a whole suffers.

We want to break this cycle and to empower women and girls to care for themselves and their communities. We aim to do this through female education.

Female education in numbers


66% of the 774 million illiterate people in the world are female.


Young women make up 58% of those not completing primary school.


58% of women in the world are employed in the informal economy.


Every additional year of secondary school increases girls’ eventual wages by 25% percent.

The transformative power of education for women and girls

Educated women have more resources to make better decisions

Educated women have more information to make choices for their overall well-being.  They can make better decisions for their health, choose to marry at the best time for themselves, and support their children better.

Educated women have healthier, more educated families

Educated women are more equipped to provide enhanced nutrition and education support to their children. Healthy, educated children become happier and more engaged members of society. This helps break the cycle of poverty within communities. 

Educated women have access to better jobs in the formal sector

Education narrows pay gaps and increases a woman’s chance of entering the formal economy. By improving access to the formal sector, women can expect better social protections, improved rights at work, and safer working conditions. 

Educated women invest in their communities

Educated women are empowered to take on leadership roles within their communities.  With increased representation by women in the public sector, policies better reflect the needs of family and community life.  

How are we addressing this issue?

We work with women-led local partners to implement the most sustainable and effective solution. Whether it is by developing mentoring programmes, building safe community spaces for women and girls or providing vocational training programmes, working closely with our local partners allows us to tailor our education projects to the local context and the needs of women and girls in that community.


What you can do

There are many ways in which you can support our mission to empower women and girls with education. You can make a donation, fundraise for us, campaign with us and voluteer your time.


Access to education changes everything

Read the stories of the women and girls who benefit from our projects, and about the real impact that your donations make in their lives. Each of them has a story worth sharing.

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