Volunteers Week: Experiences and Insights from Volunteering with WONDER Foundation

Volunteers Week

Josie’s Journey: Volunteering with WONDER Foundation.

Why I Wanted to Volunteer With WONDER Foundation 

Many factors drove my decision to join WONDER, chief among them being its status as a women-led organisation dedicated to providing women and girls with access to quality education and vocational training, thereby empowering them to break the cycle of poverty for good.

Volunteering with WONDER has been a fantastic experience, broadening my understanding of a global issue. It has afforded me the opportunity to leverage my skills to contribute meaningfully to their mission. Initially expecting to assist with minor tasks, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find myself fully integrated into the team, making a tangible difference.

My Experience at WONDER Foundation 


I love the sense of empowerment that comes from collaborating with other WONDER Foundation team members. WONDER not only empowers its employees but also strives to uplift thousands of women and girls worldwide. Our mission is to provide access to quality education, equipping women and girls with essential life skills to lift themselves out of poverty.

During my time with WONDER, I learned about our partners, ISSI, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and their efforts in midwifery capacity building. We discovered that many trained teaching nurses lack proper training, which perpetuates the cycle of undereducated nurses entering the field. Additionally, the DRC’s vast geography and challenging transportation conditions make commuting between villages difficult. As a result, hospital sites often face shortages of supplies and nurses.

If you’re interested in learning more about WONDER’s report on transforming maternal and newborn care through education and leadership, click here.

It makes me excited to be part of a group of women who share the same passion and determination to uplift and inspire women worldwide.

Sense of Significance 

One thing I realised while working with WONDER Foundation is their unique dedication to fostering a sense of significance in women and girls. WONDER helps them acquire the resources and skills needed to recognise their inherent dignity and importance. This empowerment gives them the confidence to stand up for themselves and support those around them.

What I am Taking Away from My Time at WONDER Foundation 

Volunteering with WONDER has taught me the importance of teamwork and collaboration in achieving meaningful outcomes for their partner organisations. Through my experience, I realised that our efforts not only impact the women and girls we aim to help but also enrich the lives of WONDER’s staff and other volunteers. When I leave WONDER, I will take with me new skills and the knowledge that great people are working tirelessly to change the world.

Why Should You Volunteer with WONDER Foundation?

WONDER places immense value on its community, creating an environment where volunteers thrive with ample support and guidance. My time volunteering here has been nothing short of rewarding, especially as it was my first venture into charity work. The support I received allowed me to make a meaningful contribution to WONDER’s mission, an experience for which I’m truly grateful.

I wholeheartedly recommend volunteering with WONDER to anyone seeking to make a difference.

If you, or anyone you know is interested in volunteering with WONDER, click here to find out about their opportunities. 

Author: Josie Meyer 

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Corporate Volunteering at WONDER Foundation

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