Join the Thrive Fund, our community of monthly donors providing scholarships to women and girls. ​

Become a member by making a commitment to donate £7 or more each month to fund scholarships that provide a student with the opportunity to develop new skills, grow her career, and transform her life.

The Thrive Fund is a passionate community of monthly donors on a mission to give women and girls consistent access to quality education.

When you help fund a scholarship, you are making a vital, long-term investment in empowering women and girls.

What will I get as a Thrive Fund member?

Each month, you will receive stories from students, teachers, and leaders on the ground, and updates on how your generosity is making an impact on the lives of women and girls around the world.

Why are scholarships important?

Scholarships can make a huge difference in the lives of women and girls. Having a stable source of support means that the women and girls in our programmes have fewer barriers to education, and can focus on learning.

Three reasons to give monthly:

1) It makes our support sustainable. With predictable, monthly donations we are able to commit to long-term projects, which have a lasting positive change in the communities we work with.

2) It gives us freedom to act. The support of monthly donors ensures we can react quickly to emergency situations, such as those presented by the pandemic.

3) It releases our resources. Less time spent on last-minute fundraising means our experts can devote more time to supporting our projects and partners in other ways.

Education that transforms lives

Read the stories of the women and girls we work with around the world, and about the real
impact that your donations make in their lives.