The role of mentoring in women and girls’ education

As an education charity, we want women and girls to be able to attend school, learn new skills, and pursue vocational training, so they can become independent and break through the cycle of poverty. 

However, access to education or training alone is often not enough for vulnerable women and girls to thrive. Juggling multiple stresses and responsibilities that make it difficult for women living in poverty to complete their studies. Mentoring plays a key role in empowering them to learn and succeed.

Our latest report focuses on the role that mentoring plays not only in education, but in helping each woman and girl to understand their own sense of significance.

WONDER is built on the philosophy that a sense of personal dignity is enhanced by the freedom to make informed choices, and support oneself and one’s family. The belief that each individual possesses an intrinsic value, simply by the fact of their existence, remains at the root of our vision for each of the women and girls we support.

We want the women and girls we work with to understand that each of them is unique, valuable and necessary in a most profound way. This is important not only so that she can achieve her own goals, but so that she is also able to influence others for good, and change her community—and the world— through small actions.

This report will highlight why mentoring is key in helping girls and young women discover their own significance, and why it should be taken more seriously in development approaches that aim to empower women and girls in more profound and sustainable ways.

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