Trisha's story

“I have learnt how to handle challenging situations, to apply critical thinking, and to trust myself and my capabilities.” Trisha, the Philippines 

Trisha is 20 years-old and is studying at Punlaan School in the Philippines. Previously, she had been in school for a medical laboratory course, but had to leave after her family faced financial difficulties. 

Trisha was out of education for a year, and life became very difficult for her. She worried she would have to take on work in order to support her family. Fortunately, she heard about Punlaan School, and received a scholarship to study.

At Punlaan, she is able to simultaneously study hospitality and culinary arts whilst earning money, so she is able to both support her family and continue to learn every day.    

She has learnt a range of skills, from independence and responsibility to budgeting and living alone, that have contributed to her personal development and also improved her approach to life.  

“I have learnt how to handle challenging situations, to apply critical thinking, and to trust myself and my capabilities,” she said.   

For Trisha however, learning how to be a confident leader, who supports and inspires others in their own pursuit of success leadership, has been especially important and rewarding for her.   

“I have also learnt how to be a leader, not a leader who tells people what to do but who will lead someone to success. I have a cousin who just had a baby, and she told me I inspire her to be independent and ambitious, and to never give up, even if there are many hurdles in life.” 

Trisha also developed a supportive relationship with her mentor within the Punlaan school, whom she credits for teaching her even more skills and how to tap into her own resources.  

“I have learnt so much from my mentor,” Trisha said. “How to cope in times of difficulty, time management and what methods to use to excel and persevere in my studies. She has been instrumental in helping me realise what resources to use and where I can get them.”  

Attending Punlaan has transformed Trisha’s life. Not only has she been able to develop life-changing skills and continue her education despite financial difficulties, but her belief in herself has grown.   

“One day, I want to be the owner of a company, I want to own a restaurant and a café. I want to travel the world with my family,” she said.

Being able to go back to school has given Trisha hope for the future, and her dreams have gotten bigger.

“I have added more dreams and goals that I want to achieve. My dreams are not just about me. I also have dreams for my family.”  

Trisha is grateful for her opportunity to study, and hopes to help girls like her in the future.

“I am learning to be a giver, because of what you have done for us. I want to become a sponsor in the future and help others in need. I am so inspired to give back to others.”