Rita's story

Rita at Lantana College of Hospitality, Nigeria

Rita is a 23 year old student at Lantana College of Hospitality, our partner in Nigeria.

Rita decided to study at Lantana College in order to give her better prospects for the future, and she is currently studying Food Production, Food Service, Laundry, Housekeeping and Front Office Service.

Before beginning her studies at Lantana College, Rita dreamt of becoming an accountant, however her financial difficulties meant this was difficult to achieve. Now, Rita aspires to become a professional in the hospitality sector.

At Lantana College, Rita has learnt about the production of snacks, which she will be able to use in the future.

On reflection, Rita has recognised that working with her mentor has helped her to understand that she “can be better than what people say [she is]”. This experience has given Rita the confidence to strive for a better future for herself than she would have believed possible before enrolling at Lantana College. Rita also shares that “there have been students and teachers who have inspired me to keep going against all odds”.

While Rita has gained many skills during her time at Lantana College, she says that she is most proud of “making different dishes which [she] could not believe that [she] could make before”. These cooking skills will provide Rita with many opportunities in the future to succeed in the hospitality sector. She shares with us that her hopes for the future involve working for a couple of years in the hospitality industry, before starting her own business.

“Thank you for your help because it brought me this far and made me who I am today.”