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Redempter's story

Redempter is a second-year student at Kibondeni College of Catering and Hospitality in Nairobi. She is currently doing a six-month internship in a hotel.

Redempter is the oldest of three girls. Attending Kibondeni College was financially possible in her first term, however with her sister graduating high school, her parents could not afford to pay school fees for both the girls. Fortunately, the registration office at Kibondeni College supported Redempter to apply for a scholarship from WONDER.

In Kenya, WONDER supports the Mwangaza Project with our partner Kianda Foundation, which runs Kibondeni College. The Mwangaza Project aims to improve girls’ income generating capacity and confidence.

Now, Redempter is adjusting to the work environment within the hotel, rotating between six different departments to gain practical hands-on experience. “There are many challenges, but I want to learn, so I have to ask,” she says.

She is currently working at her third department, where she has not encountered any difficulties but is focussed on punctuality. Because she is still learning from all the different departments, Redempter does not have a favourite. However, her favourite role is serving the à la carte. “I love the à la carte. I love to produce there and then.”

Kibondeni College has a mentorship programme that Redempter is a part of. She gets on well with her mentor, and sees the value of the programme. “I find it a great thing because at the end of the day you will gain something from that mentorship, she says.

After graduating from Kibondeni College, Redempter would like to continue her studies further, and eventually help young women who also hope to pursue education. “My dream is to further my studies, be in a position of helping others out there.”

Her internship not only prepares Redempter for a job following graduation, but inspires her to dream big about what is possible for her future. “I would like to open my own restaurant one day, become a chef, have a big hotel like this one,” she says.