Octavie’s Story

“Through mentoring, I am able to help students feel more confident and succeed in their studies.” Octavie

Octavie works as a mentor at Ecole Yarani, WONDER’s local partner in Côte d’Ivoire. She loves the atmosphere of understanding and cheerfulness at the school, and holds a deep respect for her colleagues.

Octavie believes the school is perfect for the growth of her students. “We have an environment conducive to study, and qualified staff who monitor each student for her personal and professional development,” she said.

Working as a mentor, she has witnessed many young women succeed as professionals. “Through mentoring, I am able to help students feel more confident and succeed in their studies,” Octavie explains.

During her time at Yarani, Octavie has been involved in many projects with students. For example, students took part in career days which allowed them to exchange their views with professionals in the field of hospitality and gastronomy. According to Octavie, this “allows them to value and love their profession.”

Octavie is deeply inspired by the school’s director. Her charisma, compassion, and ability to listen pushed Octavie to become a better mentor and guide for the girls at the school.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Octavie was faced with an incredible challenge, as she struggled to follow her students online while being infected by the virus. Her thoughts nonetheless were not for her own health, but for her students’ future.

“The students who were on training in certain hotels or restaurants whose future promised a possible employment have been made to wait,” she explained.

However, Octavie has not lost hope, and knows that Ecole Yarani is making a huge impact on the lives of young women in Abobo. With WONDER’s support, the school continues to transform the lives of young women.

“Most of our students come from poor families, and your funding is a precious tool in facilitating their learning, and helping them in their professional development.”