Nathalee’s story

“I have changed my dreams a lot, because Colegio Junkabal has helped me open my mind and really know what I like.” Nathalee, Guatemala

Nathalee is 15 years-old and studies at Colegio Junkabal in Guatemala. Junkabal helps families living in poverty in Guatemala City by providing education for girls, and vocational training for women.

Since being at Junkabal, “I have learned so many things that have helped me do well academically,” Nathalee said. This includes basic skills such as grammar and writing, along with life skills like cooking.

Mentoring is a strong component of a student’s journey at Junkabal. When describing her mentor, Nathalee says: “She helped me a lot by explaining to me in the best way each of the topics that correspond to my stages of growth, and preparing my character for any problems I face.”

Nathalee has also received support and motivation from her teachers, in particular Miss Garcia. “I have always known I can count on her,” Nathalee said. “She was always there for everyone, and she has always reminded me of what I am and can be capable of.”

At Junkabal, Nathalee has been able to directly help her community through outreach projects. Four years ago, when heavy rain caused people in low-income parts of her community to lose their homes and belongings, Nathalee volunteered to help people who were settled in a temporary shelter.

“I realised how many people are in need, and how because of this need they stop studying and doing what they really like,” she said. “My family does not have the most resources, but we have been able to share a little of what we have with those in need.”

At a young age, Nathalee had aspirations to become a veterinarian. She now plans to go to university once she finishes her studies, and pursue a chemical engineering degree.

“I have changed my dreams a lot, because Colegio Junkabal has helped me open my mind and really know what I like,” she said.

“I am proud that I was able to develop my skills to the fullest and be able to nurture those that were slightly developed, truly knowing my passions and things that will serve me for a lifetime.”

Nathalee is grateful to WONDER’s generous supporters, who have enabled her to get the education she needs to succeed.

“I would like to say to the people who awarded me the scholarship, thank you very much for giving me the happiness of receiving the scholarship from the school.”