Micaella's story

“Teachers genuinely care about their students, so I do the same. I care for people who are around me.”

Micaella is seventeen and studying hospitality at Anihan Technical School in the Philippines. 

Micaella’s father is a factory worker, while her mother takes care of the family. Micaella is the youngest in her family, with two older siblings. Her parents admire her dedication to her studies, as they often see her studying in the evening and writing notes.

 “My friends and family are proud of me, because I’m slowly achieving my dreams by having new knowledge, and enhancing the skills I have.” Micaella says. 

“My aspirations are to be a positive thinker so that I can finish and focus on my task that needs to be done, and to build good study habits so that I can study and learn properly.”

Micaella is already using the skills she is learning to make food for her friends and family, and is proud of what she has accomplished so far. “My parent’s friends want me to teach them how I cook different dishes, pastries, and desserts, every time I serve something to them,” she says.

At Anihan, Micaella receives support from a mentor who works with her one-on-one to help her work through challenges, build confidence, and achieve her goals.

“My mentor inspires me to do better, and to do my best in school. She gives me advice about life, and asks me if I’m okay or not,” Micaella says. “My mentor is helpful, because I can open up to her and ask for advice, especially if it’s about school.”

Being in a positive environment with supportive classmates and teachers inspires Micaella to help others in return. “Teachers genuinely care about their students, so I do the same. I care for people who are around me,” she says.

Micaella has found a passion for culinary arts, and is inspired by the other women she studies with to develop her skills.

“I find myself enjoying what we are doing in school, and being surrounded by people that have the same dreams and interests as mine makes me want to pursue being a future chef.”

“I am proud that I am studying in Anihan, and I am proud that I learned a lot and grew from my mistakes,” Micaella says. “My knowledge has grown and I am still exploring more.”