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Meena's story

Meena is 24 years-old and studying at Kamalini Vocational Training Centre, India. At Kamalini, she is finishing a beauty, hair, and makeup course in order to achieve financial independence.

Before Kamalini, Meena had a limited educational background. Her husband was not earning money, and she felt like she was a burden to her parents.

After being separated from her husband at a certain point and without any real income, Meena had no idea how to support herself and her young daughter.

“I hoped that some day I would be able to provide a good future for my daughter and be financially independent,” she says. “I felt that we should work and improve our lives.”

At Kamalini, Meena was able to learn a multitude of beauty and hair treatments. She is now at the point where she has opened her own business to provide these services, and is even looking into hiring an assistant.

For the future, she has dreams of opening an upgraded parlour in a better location.

“I want to have a very well equipped and good parlour where I am able to offer all services that I have gotten exposure to during the course. I would like to also sell makeup and beauty products in my parlour.”

Through her studies and her work, Meena has not only achieved financial independence for herself, she has also inspired other women in her environment to start earning their own money.

She has also influenced her husband, as he is now actively supporting her and working to earn money as well.

“Now that I am able to earn and become financially independent – I have the respect of my family and even my husband has joined me and is beginning to earn a living.”