Mary’s Story

“Stand up all the time in the moments you feel you are down.” 

The impact of Tewa Hospitality Training Centre in Kilifi County, Kenya is so significant that women and girls from across Kenya to become students. Tewa Centre specialises in hospitality training that meets international standards. WONDER actively supports this work by providing women from the poorest background with scholarships and other vital funding. Mary, a student from Nairobi, is from Africa’s largest slum, Kibera. Her success story is a testimony to the work of WONDER foundation and its partner Tewa College:

“I came to Tewa last year and did my course of hospitality. I am so happy that I managed to persevere with the challenges and everything. Initially, it was difficult for me on the side of school fees, but through the bonus and the bursaries, I managed to finish my studies. I really thank Tewa, the managers and the supervisors for where they have taken me, I am so grateful. Now I am doing my attachment and the people from Start mode have promised to give me a job. So I am working towards my attachment so that I can get a job there. Also, I thank everyone who supported me in so many things.

Access to education changes everything. The work of Tewa centre has given Mary hope for her future as well as real-life prospects for transforming her life. A well-paid job has the ability to break the cycle of poverty for Mary and those around her. Empowering women has wide reaching impacts because women are far more likely to share the fruits of their labour with their wider family and community. Empowering women to empower themselves is the key to long-term, sustainable change.

To each and everyone I want to encourage you. Life is hard, but the only thing you need to do in life is learn how to deal with it.

Mary is a student at Tewa Hospitality Training Centre.