Janet's story

“Since I started studying here, I have seen that my dreams are valid and achievable.”

Janet is 22 years-old and studying hospitality management at Wavecrest School of Hospitality in Nigeria.

“I chose to study here because hospitality is my passion, and Wavecrest is the best place to see that my dream and passion is actualized.”

Janet has always wanted to work in hospitality, and own her own bakery. She hopes that by doing so, she could eventually help other women in her community.

“My dream is to have my own cake studio in the nearest future, and impact in the life of other young ladies around me through training them in this cake studio.” she says.

Janet is already using the skills that she has learned at Wavecrest to help her family.
“I have learnt the art of event planning, and I make use of the skill already. I now plan and oversee events for my family.”

Janet’s teachers have inspired her, as she sees the dedication they give to their work and appreciates that they are always willing to listen to her and help her with her studies. During her time as Wavecrest, she has strengthened her study skills and ability to focus.

“Back at home, everyone thinks hospitality school is for chefs alone, but I explained and made them see that hospitality has a lot of career pathways,” Janet says. Studying at Wavecrest has solidified her goals for the future, and shown her that owning her own bakery is possible.

“Since I started studying here, I have seen that my dreams are valid and achievable,” she says. “I hope to be self independent through my cake business after I graduate.”