Ivanna’s story

“Coming to the Universidad de Los Andes has made me fall in love with studying and learning.” Ivanna, Venezuela

Ivanna is 22 and studying medicine at Universidad de Los Andes in Tachira, Venezuela.

Before starting university she struggled with time-management, but the skills she has learned since have made her a stronger student.

“I used to prioritize other fun things over my study time, and was learning slowly and poorly,” she said. “Now I have my study time as a priority, and put an hour and a date to everything. And it’s made learning so much easier and more enjoyable.”

During her studies, Ivanna has been paired with a mentor who has helped her understand the value of working hard, and also see the value in her own work.

Ivanna says her mentor has shown her how, “to see my study time in a positive light, to understand I can be inspiration for other young girls.”

Ivana has also been inspired by her fellow student and close friend, Majo, who acts as a role model. “I aspire to learn a lot from her, she is an incredible woman.”

Together, Ivanna and her friends hold weekly study methods sessions for young girls. During the sessions, they taught not only study skills, but also principles and values which other young girls could use throughout their lives.

“I helped kids get better at schoolwork and saw them grow in confidence. I led by example and saw I could also be a source of inspiration for others”, says Ivanna. “I felt very proud seeing the young girls I taught realise their potential, and see improvements not only in their studies, but also their everyday lives.”

This experience has changed the way she looks at her goals for the future.

“Before I only thought about what benefits my dreams would bring to me, and now I see how my success could help others,” she said. “Seeing my own improvement with the help I received from my mentor, I now want to be something like that to other young girls.”

Ivanna has always hoped to work in a private clinic in Venezuela, but is now considering a move to the United States or Canada, where some of her family already lives and she will have greater opportunities to work in medicine.

“Coming to the Universidad de Los Andes has made me fall in love with studying and learning,” she said.