Grace's story


Grace is a graduate of Kimlea Girls Technical Training Centre in Kenya.

She faced difficult challenges before receiving a scholarship. Prior to this support, her parents struggled to meet the financial demands of educating Grace and her younger siblings. The burden of multiple school fees weighed heavily on them.

However, the scholarship not only alleviated this financial strain but also provided Grace with a valuable opportunity to pursue education without causing additional stress for her parents. As she aptly puts it, “It helped me a lot through the 2 years and I’m so grateful to Mwangaza for what they did for me and my family”, she says.

This scholarship not only opened doors to education but also paved the way for Grace to secure employment in the hospitality sector, transforming her prospects and contributing to her family’s well-being. In her own words, “I’ve gotten a job at Amara Zuri Resort which is located in Nakuru County, it was opened recently”.

Beyond the acquisition of practical skills, the mentorship component of Grace’s training played a pivotal role. The guidance she received was not confined to career development; her principal, Miss Gikandi, served as a supportive force in addressing Grace’s personal challenges. As she reflects, “I’d like to thank her because of how she was to me and to the others”.