Ganiyat’s Story

“My life has not been purposeful until I gained admission into Wavecrest. Now I can say this is where I want to be and who I want to become.” Ganiyat

Ganiyat is a 23-year-old student of Wavecrest College of Hospitality, Nigeria. Her sense of self and her direction in life has changed dramatically since she started studying. “My dreams have changed since I entered Wavecrest by acknowledging who I am, and what I can do with my hands as a person.”

Hospitality seemed like a natural career choice for Ganiyat, who describes herself as very caring: “I love catering for people. Initially, I aimed to become a nurse, taking care of patients, I just wanted to take care of people’s health. But I discovered that Hospitality is very much similar to that. Now I can take care of people giving them good nutritious food”, she told us.

She takes pride in her studies and her newly learned skills and takes every opportunity to share them with those around her: “My studies have enabled me to inspire two of my friends in higher institutions to want to learn about hospitality as a career and also want to come to Wavecrest. I taught them how to make intercontinental dishes. I have also been involved in service projects by doing volunteer work at Wavecrest club for secondary school girls, teaching the young girls in the club how to make doughnuts and other pastries.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ganiyat’s education has suffered somewhat: “The pandemic has affected me as I have not been able to attend my Food and Beverage production practical classes physically. The online classes have been ok but it is never the same for practical classes. I miss our demonstration classes.” 

However, she has shown resilience during this difficult time in continuing to use her skills to earn a source of income. She is working in a restaurant called S.T. FOODS. Her mentor at Wavecrest has kept in touch with her during this time, which she tells us she has found really helpful. Her mentor has taught her that “delivering service to guests must be done passionately at all times.”. This lesson no doubt has helped Gamiyat maintain her work at S.T. FOODS. 

Ganiyat, and other young women who would otherwise be excluded from a Wavecrest education due to financial means, are receiving scholarships to continue their studies. She is also receiving financial support for the technology and data she needs to follow her classes online.

“I would say a big thank you to the people who are offering me the scholarship, I will never forget them as they will be part of my life story and I will always pray for them wholeheartedly.”

With your support, WONDER Foundation can keep young women like Ganiyat in education for longer, despite the pandemic.