Consolata's story

“One thing I love about mentoring is that it’s someone I’m friends with and can share a lot with.”

Consolata is a second-year student at the Kibondeni College of Catering and Hospitality in Nairobi, Kenya. At Kibondeni, Consolata is doing an internship in hospitality, which has always been her goal. 

Consolata particularly loves attending Kibondeni because it allows her to pursue her passion for baking.

“Since high school, I used to go into the shops. I saw them decorating the cakes and I wanted to know, how is she doing it? So I want to learn, it’s special,” she explained.

Naturally, baking is her favourite subject at Kibondeni. “I love baking, in baking I just feel I’m best.” 

At Kibondeni, Consolata also takes part in the mentorship programme. This is a valuable addition to her studies, particularly because her family lives far outside of Nairobi and mentoring provides her with support.

“One thing I love about mentoring is that it’s someone I’m friends with and can share a lot with,” she said. “She’s always there for me, and she will check in on me.” 

Her mentor also inspires her to improve on herself. “Any of the times she has been advising me or helping me,” Consolata said. 

WONDER supports Kibondeni through the Mwangaza Project, which aims to empower 800 marginalised women and girls through access to education and training. This can give women the skills to generate their own income, and break the cycle of poverty.

The scholarship Consolata received from Mwangaza has enabled her to pursue her dreams, as her family did not have the financial means to support her education. Her parents are very happy that she was able to continue her studies at Kibondeni, especially because they know her passion for baking. 

After graduating from Kibondeni, Consolata wants to further continue her studies to earn a diploma, and remain in Nairobi to work and support her family.

“I appreciate you coming up with this project, it has really supported me,” she said.