Claudia's story

Sirama, El Salvador

Claudia is 20 years old, and is studying dressmaking as Fundación Siramá, our partner in El Salvador. 

Claudia has always liked sewing, and at Siramá, she realised that she has a lot to contribute to society. In a very short amount of time, she’s learned how to operate the sewing machine and has already made some garments. 

Her dream is to set up a sewing workshop.  

She says, “first, I want to work on myself and be happy in what I do and not just do things for the sake of doing them. Before I didn’t think it was possible to have my own business, but now I know that I am capable.” 

Claudia has also been participating in Siramá’s supplementary ‘Artisan Women of Peace’ programme, which seeks to empower women to be positive changemakers in both their personal lives and their communities.  

Although she has only started recently, she has noticed a change in herself: she expresses, “I’m more patient with my daughters and try to understand them more. I think that I have been able to influence other people by being more tolerant and managing my emotions better”. 

Claudia is grateful for the opportunity at Siramá, as she reflects, “thank you very much for supporting Salvadoran women and allowing us to study in an institution accessible to us.”