Carmina’s Story

“When I think of Baytree a smile comes to me and I feel happy to come here because there is so much happiness here.” 

The Baytree Centre is a social inclusion charity based in Brixton, London. Founded in the 1980s, Baytree has played a pivotal role in the lives of women and girls living across South London. As the 44th most deprived borough in the UK, the centre works to support hundreds of girls, women and their families every year. With the support of over 150 volunteers working in the centre every week, Baytree is able to create a series of personal support and academic programmes that empower its attendees.

What makes Baytree special is each person that comes to it, to work, to volunteer or as a mentee, as a student, as a visitor. We are all part of it, every person is important and we are a community.

Volunteers like Carmina are at the heart of the Baytree Centre. As a WONDER partner, Baytree recognises the importance of individuals in creating an effective and supportive community. Mentoring is a major component of the Baytree experience. Girls and young women can participate in youth mentoring. Mentors serve as role models, creating a positive environment for young people to feel safe and encouraged. By combining personal support, with academic help, mentors help their mentees develop their own motivation, confidence and self-esteem. By creating specific goals every month, mentors and their mentees, work to empower themselves in every area of their lives.

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My favourite thing about being a mentor is everything about it. I love it. Especially getting to know the people and seeing their smile and how they can bring what they receive from Baytree to their families and their communities. They are changing the world by being happy.

The work of Baytree not only impacts its attendees but those who volunteer too. By creating an empowered community, Baytree spreads the ethos of self-confidence, love and inspiration to all those involved.

Carmina has been a volunteer and mentor at the Baytree Centre for three years.