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Brenda Patricia’s story

“The Junkabal foundation helps young women grow personally, academically, spiritually, financially, and this opens doors to a better future.”

Brenda Patricia has worked as a teacher at Junkabal Colegio in Guatemala for the past six years. She enjoys working at the school because it “values and appreciates the hard work of each teacher, and gives them the appropriate tools to teach their class.”

While working as a 4th grade elementary teacher, she has also been involved in service projects with students. For example, directing financial aid and participating in several internal commissions of the school, which support the work of students.

A source of inspiration for Brenda Patricia has been her director, due to the initiative he shows towards his work and staff. She is particularly inspired by “the human aspect of his work and the respect towards his whole team, including students and parents,” she said. “Thanks to everything mentioned above, I am a self-confident person when making my decisions.”

Reflecting on her own role as a teacher and mentor, Brenda Patricia said that, “as a teacher, it is my responsibility to ensure the common good of the students and their surrounding environment, since through this they will be able to respond appropriately to the entire learning process.”

Brenda Patricia maintains good communication with her students, and works with them directly in a way that supports their overall development.

“During my work so far, I have discovered that my role as a teacher and mentor has been a source of inspiration for my students to succeed regardless of adversity,” she said.

According to Brenda Patricia, COVID-19 has affected the students psychologically and increased instability at home. As a teacher she has responded to these issues by “training myself to work virtually, with the desire to improve myself, my work and help my community. By working virtually, I can share my knowledge with those around me.”

She is very grateful for the charitable support Junkabal has received, and the impact is has on future generations.

 “It allows for students to nurture their dreams, and for teachers to grow in their professional capacities,” she said.