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Blessing's story

Blessing is 20 years old and studying the Hospitality Management Course at Wavecrest College of Hospitality in Lagos, Nigeria.

Wavecrest empowers young women with technical and soft skills so they can find good employment in the hospitality industry.

Before studying at Wavecrest, Blessing struggled with confidence, communicating and socialising with others, which made it hard for her to achieve her goals. 

“I can say what was making it difficult for me to achieve them was fear and lack of trust in myself.”

Thanks to the mentoring she received during her education, however, her confidence has grown and she now feels inspired to have even more ambitious goals. 

“My mentor has made me understand that life does not always go the way you want, you just have to bend when it bends. Likewise I shouldn’t allow fear, inferiority complex to pull me down in achieving my goals because I’m unique in my way.”

Blessing has been able to learn skills of entrepreneurship in her making and selling of potato chips and in her ability to professionally bake cakes. With her newfound skills, she hopes to eventually work in the Marriott Hotel. 

She has passed on this new-found confidence through being an inspiration to her sister and teaching her skills in cooking and laundry operation.  

“I would like to say a very big thank you because without WONDER, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my education here in Wavecrest college.”