Apsana's story

Aspana at Kamalini, India

Apsana is a 19 year old girl studying at Kamalini Vocational Training centre.

She chose to study at Kamalini after hearing about the training centre through classes in her village. 

Before joining Kamalini, Apsana was very quiet, and found it hard to “open up and speak with anyone”. She “wasn’t serious about [her] studies or career at all”. Being the oldest child, Apsana had the responsibility of behaving and acting in a certain way, which made it difficult for her to express her own interests and opinions.

With 4 years of stitching experience prior to Kamalini, Apsana has refined her skills and learnt how to take measurements properly – “I have seen my stitching style improving”.

Many girls in Apsana’s village have been inspired by her to join Kamalini, including two from her family. She has spoken to girls in her village and is “motivating them to learn different skills”. She is even able to help her brother with his studies after taking English classes. She has experienced resistance within her family as people have tried to stop her from going to college, but she says, “I don’t think about restrictions everyone tries to put on me”.

Apsana’s father is her mentor, and he has “always supported [her] and motivated [her] to learn different things, to have a career”. She also watches many videos to motivate herself and gain the confidence to do things on her own. Kamalini has helped Apsana to appreciate the benefit of learning English and has encouraged her to take more classes.

She dreams of being a fashion designer as she is really enjoying the stitching course. She hopes to study Fashion Design at university if she is able to afford it.

Apsana is proud of the skills she has learnt, and how she is now able to express herself better. She says, “most importantly, I am happy that a lot more girls are coming here with me and learning different things”.

Through studying at Kamalini, Apsana has recognised her own potential and plans to use her skills to start earning money. She hopes to “set an example” to her family and encourage them to study and plan for their career.

“I want to express my gratitude and say thanks. All this help has enabled us to dream big and do better things. Thank you so much”.