Aminata’s Story

Aminata, Yarani, vocational student

Aminata (first on the right)

“In the future, I see myself becoming an independent woman able to help and support my family.” Aminata

Aminata is a student at Yarani, the only vocational training facility in the most populous area of Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. Abidjan has one of the largest gender gaps in Africa, and 32% of women have no autonomy over their own wages.

For Aminata, education is, therefore, crucial for her to be able to gain independence and enter formal employment. With support from WONDER, Yarani was able to offer Aminata a place to freely explore different career paths, and prepare her for an independent life.

Of her experience, Aminata said, “when I came to Yarani, I didn’t have a clue as to what vocational trait I wanted to specialise in, but through time, I’ve gained a wider understanding of the hospitality industry.” Aminata now has a variety of careers opened up to her, that she might not have had without training.

I would love to work in the biggest hotel in the world!

By learning practical skills, such as cooking and baking, Aminata will be able to escape the dangers of informal work and obtain formal employment. Aminata tells us that “in the future, I see myself becoming an independent woman able to help  and support my family. I would love to work in the biggest hotel in the world!”

In the words of Aminata, Yarani school has “helped instigate change within my own life.” This change for her has been both through her career prospects and in her everyday life, where she says “I now take charge of the household.” This is because, in addition to the employability skills Yarani teaches, she has also learned personal development and self-confidence skills at the school.

Yarani is focused on educating as many girls like Aminata as possible, in order to help them find employment and gain independence, but they can only continue their work with your support. Please consider donating today, to allow more girls like Aminata to thrive.

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