Akello's story

Akello is in her 1st year of pursuing a diploma in catering and hospitality at Pearlcrest Hospitality Training Institute, Uganda.

Born into a family of seven, Akello says that she grew up as “an ambitious girl ready to learn and give back to the community”. She now has the ability to do this practically as she continues to grow her skills as a sous chef and more.

Some of these skills include how to balance menus, keep food safe and hygienic for customers, operate a variety of machines and how to properly clean surfaces.

On top of this practical knowledge, Akello has grown in her understanding of the theory within the hospitality sector.

“Theoretically I only knew hotels as places for first class people but apparently I realised that hotels lie under a big umbrella that has food and beverages, entertainment, accommodation and many more”, says Akello.

Akello is also now able to differentiate between the subtle differences amongst hotels – ratings, ownership, location, size, and clientele (to name a few).

“Thanks to Pearlcrest, I am not only building my career path but I have also made new friends, improved my self-esteem, [and] learnt how to conserve nature”, says Akello.

Besides education, through WONDER’s partnership with Pearlcrest in Uganda, this new environment of education and mentoring has equipped Akello with the means to give back to her community, and has encouraged her to grow in confidence and be empowered.