Adedayo’s Story

“I’m a young lady with a passion for education and my dream for the future is to have my own restaurant.” Adedayo

Adedayo is studying at Wavecrest College of Hospitality, in Nigeria, and dreams of having her own restaurant one day. The skills she is learning, she explained, “will help my dreams become a reality”.

From an early age, Adedayo knew she wanted to continue her education for as long as she could. “I started working as a house help after my secondary school to raise some money to move forward to with education all by myself as my parents did not have the financial capacity to help me move on with my education”, she told us.

Continuing her education during the pandemic has been a struggle for Adedayo. She finds learning online difficult: “I am not able to follow the online classes regularly because sometimes I may not have money to buy data on my phone, sometimes there is no electricity to power and charge my phone”.

Not going to school physically has made me want to give up my education.

She added that “not going to school physically has made me want to give up my education”. But, thanks to the support of her mentor she is continuing her studies despite the challenges she is facing.

Adedayo and other young women in financial hardship are receiving scholarships. “I will make my supporters proud by doing my possible best in my education.”

With WONDERs support, Wavecrest is providing Adedayo and other young women in her situation with a scholarship to continue her education as well as the technology and data she needs to follow her classes online.

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