Six reasons to support WONDER

When you support WONDER, you can help women build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

At WONDER, we would not be able to empower so many women and girls through access to quality education without the help of our supporters, like you. Whether it be through volunteering, donating, or sharing our message, every contribution makes a difference.

If you’re looking for a charitable Christmas gift this season, you may consider making a donation in dedication to a loved one. You could also give a Thrive Fund membership, providing scholarships to women and girls each month. 

Here are six reasons to support WONDER this holiday season: 

  1. We have a stellar record of success—and it’s growing. Over the last year, we’ve reached 78% more women, girls and communities than the year prior. We have a large international impact: we have supported over 100, 000 women and girls in 24 different countries since we established WONDER in 2012.                                                                                
  2. We listen to women first. We always invest in carefully selected women-led partners. We rely on their expertise in order to respond to local needs and build sustainable, community-centred projects.                                 
  3. We continued our work throughout the pandemic. We’ve adapted our work practises to take COVID-19 into account and keep team communication strong. Over the last year, we worked with 27 partners in 18 countries to provide pandemic support to 14,087 women and their families.
  4. We provide scholarships so women and girls can focus on learning. We know education is transformative—yet many women and girls have barriers to the education they deserve. Our scholarships, such as those supported by the Thrive Fund, are a sustainable way to approach education holistically. For just £7 per month, you can equip girls with this stable source of support, and help them focus on learning. 
  5. We have a far reach, but we approach every woman uniquely. As WONDER has projects all over the globe, it’s important to approach each woman and girl relative to her environment. In the Cote d’Ivoire, where there is still a school gender gap, we help offer education and accredited professional skills. In Kazakhstan, the female enrolment rate in primary school is 99.9% but labour market participation is only 66.1%. As a result, we provide women in Kazakhstan with skills in hospitality, tourism and catering instead. In the UK, we focus on helping migrant women and girls integrate into their new community through English language learning. 
  6. You donation goes directly towards empowering women. Whether donating by bank transfer, cryptocurrency or via the Thrive Fund, we’re transparent with your contribution. Last year, 92% of donations were spent on supporting our partner projects, with 6% spent on direct bursaries and 2% on fundraising and awareness. For more in-depth breakdowns, our annual reports are always easily accessible on our website. 

Donations are not the only way you can support WONDER. Here are other great ways you can help us empower women and girls:  

  • There are loads of great ways your school can give women and girls the gift of education. Why not organise a talent show, a bake sale or a sports day? 
  • Have a look at our volunteer opportunities and share your skills with us
  • Invite your friends to follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. It makes such a difference when you share our posts!
  • Why not set a strong pace for the new year by cycling, running or walking for team WONDER?
  • Become a corporate partner or rally your team to join a corporate volunteer event at WONDER.
  • Spread word of WONDER by providing us with an advertising space online, in magazines or elsewhere. If you can do so, please email us.
  • Plan ahead to volunteer for WONDER at a festival this summer. Why not both have fun and make a difference?

Author: Sophie Harris, volunteer at WONDER Foundation

Corporate volunteering in London Team building

Corporate Volunteering at WONDER Foundation

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