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Red:GLOW resources

Here you will find a selection of youth work resources. These have been developed as part of Red:GLOW, and will support you in addressing a range of topics around gender and leadership.

Guide for youth workers: supporting young women as leaders workers and citizens in Europe

Female youth workers from across Europe share ideas for engaging young women and inspiring them through non-formal and informal learning to lead. They share experiences on how to model leadership, create opportunities for young women to lead, and understand what leadership is. You can download the guide in six different European languages via the link below.


Building Young Women’s Leadership at Work and as Citizens: Policy Recommendations.

We explore the personal and structural challenges facing young women in Europe today through the lens of youth work. How can informal and non-formal learning empower them to thrive at work and in the civic sphere?

You can download the report in six different European languages via the link below.


Red:GLOW leadership programme

The Red:GLOW Leadership Programme equips young women aged 14 to 30 to develop the necessary skills, resources and mindset to become leaders and active citizens within their communities and workspaces. Whilst not all young women will lead in the same ways, the programme shows how we all have opportunities to have agency and create change around us. You can download the youth worker and participant handbooks in six different European languages via the link below.


Growing through citizenship: volunteering programme guidance for youth workers

Volunteering is a concrete way where young women can lead as citizens, and gain soft skills and knowledge to carry into their professional and civic lives. This guide is designed by youth workers for youth workers to develop a volunteering programme suitable for your locality and young people, whilst considering how young women can volunteer purposefully and positively contribute to their communities. It builds in opportunities for them to lead and to build the habit of reflecting on learning, skills development and impact.

You can download the volunteering programme guidance for youth workers in six different European languages via the link below.


Why do we need projects like Red:GLOW?

Young women have an important role to play in the creation of a fairer and more just society. This is why Red:GLOW exists.


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