About Red:GLOW

Red:GLOW is a network of 7 European NGOs, each with a strong track record in empowering young women.

Red:GLOW is a network that explores the interactions between Gender, Leadership, Outreach to often overlooked young women, and the Workplace.

Red GLOW brings together 7 partner organisations from 6 European countries, each with a strong track record in empowering young women, including many from migrant, minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. Red:GLOW- stands for Gender, Leadership, Outreach and Work, with Red meaning ‘network’ in Spanish.

Our research has shown that there is no similar European network where organisations working with young people can share ideas, learning and best practice. The EU funding that we have received for the delivery of this project will allow us to explore what that network could look like and how it could be most effective.  

We hear so much conflicting evidence about the situation, hopes, dreams and opportunities for young women in Europe. They are doing better than young men in education but are quickly overtaken in the workplace. Some migrant groups thrive, whilst others face multiple barriers to mainstream employment.  

We are curious to explore, through our network, what the challenges are, and how they can be overcome. Opportunity is not just about good pay and promotions. It is about creating environments where everybody can thrive. Opportunity is not just about the workplace, it’s also about people being engaged in agenda-setting and knowing how to have their voices heard as citizens. What does citizenship mean to young women and how do they express this? How do these ideas interact and intersect?  

Red:GLOW a network that will explore the interactions between Gender, Leadership in all areas of life, Outreach to often overlooked young women, and the workplace. How can we make sure that every young woman in Europe has the opportunity to find fulfilment? This is a hugely ambitious goal, and one that we will be addressing a little at a time.

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