Red:GLOW: volunteering programme

We are delighted to share our Growing through Citizenship: Volunteering Programme Guidance for Youth Workers. This guide aims to inspire young women to be active citizens and to reflect on the skills for work and life that they learn through volunteering. The guide has been developed by youth workers working with young women in Red:GLOW, led […]

Red:GLOW: leadership programme

The Red:GLOW leadership programme aims to equip young women with the necessary skills to become leaders and active citizens within their communities and workspaces. Anyone who works with young women – regardless of whether they are 14 or 30 – sees how so many of us struggle to understand leadership. This was certainly the feedback […]

Making videos with young women

Young women participating in Project Red:GLOW were given the challenge of working together to develop short films to explain the concept to other young women.

What makes effective leaders?

Project Red:GLOW equips young women with the tools they need to become effective leaders within their work and communities.

Creating a safe space through ice-breaking games

Ice-breaking games help create a safe, supportive environment where young people feel confident in sharing their ideas and participating actively. As an introvert, ice-breaking activities are always daunting to me, but I have come to appreciate the safe environment they create. Being shy means I feel nervous speaking in large groups with people I am […]

Reflection for self-growth

Reflecting on what we do as volunteers and our impact is essential and empowers us to think about the skills we have gained.