Red:GLOW: Young Women Inspiring Young Women

Leadership for making the most of time in isolation or social distancing. Can you be a leader and inspire other young women at this time?

We are living in strange times, and many people are struggling. They are scared, bored, and lonely, and they aren’t sure what to do. Throughout the Red:GLOW project we have been empowering each other as young women to learn skills so that we can lead in our workplaces, schools, universities and communities. Now is a unique test for us all and a way to implement for the benefit of ourselves and everyone around us.


BUT can we see this time as an OPPORTUNITY? We have more time, and we have the internet. There are so many ways that we can continue learning skills. These could be skills for your career: online courses, or reaching out to someone to help you with your CV, or to get advice. Or skills for life, maybe this is the ideal time to learn family recipes from your grandma, or to learn how to crochet! You can also serve others in places where there isn’t isolation yet, or even if there is, are you helping elderly neighbours to have enough food, or volunteering in other ways? Maybe you are volunteering online?

Can you be a leader and inspire other young women at this time? We have some opportunities for you to write 500-800 words, in English or in your own language, and the most inspiring ones we will share with others (on our website and by social media) as part of our EU-funded Red:GLOW project.

To submit your piece, click on this link and fill in the Google form. We’re looking forward to you inspiring us! Find out more about project Red:GLOW on this link.

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