Red:GLOW: volunteering programme

We are delighted to share our Growing through Citizenship: Volunteering Programme Guidance for Youth Workers.

This guide aims to inspire young women to be active citizens and to reflect on the skills for work and life that they learn through volunteering. The guide has been developed by youth workers working with young women in Red:GLOW, led by KIB in Latvia, and we also want to share it to inspire other youth workers to develop opportunities for young women to volunteer, gain skills and develop their active citizenship. 

The guide brings together experience from across Europe, where youth volunteering varies greatly. Some of these ideas may already be familiar to you, whilst others may be new. Volunteering should be a positive experience for all involved, and so this guide hopes to help you to reflect on your practice and refine it. Even the best programmes need to adapt as young women’s interests, aspirations and group dynamics change!

This guide contains an overview of what to consider when planning your own volunteering programmes for young women. It includes ideas for activities and discussions and questions for reflection sessions and can be easily adapted to different age groups and youth demographics. It works best as a 12 week programme. 

To download the guide in English, Spanish, Italian, Latvia, Slovenian or Polish, please click on this link.

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