Red:GLOW: leadership programme

The Red:GLOW leadership programme aims to equip young women with the necessary skills to become leaders and active citizens within their communities and workspaces.

Anyone who works with young women – regardless of whether they are 14 or 30 – sees how so many of us struggle to understand leadership. This was certainly the feedback from youth workers involved in the Red:GLOW programme. Across Europe leadership is seen in different ways. In some places, young women still think it ‘isn’t for them’. In other places young women don’t see how they can become the ‘big boss’. 

But we know that leadership isn’t about directing people, it’s about helping everyone around you to work together and contribute their best. It’s about working together to set and reach goals. These leadership resources combine a guide for youth workers and a workbook for young women. Developed by young women youth workers, they serve the dual purpose of supporting young women involved in your youth programmes to understand leaders, how they can become leaders in their lives, as citizens, and in their careers, and develop leadership in youth workers. 

When this programme was developed, it became clear that many youth workers didn’t realise that they are leaders! But we are. Every time we work with young women, develop and deliver activities for them, we are leading. And the young women we work with look to us for guidance. It’s a challenge to be a role model, but we realised that modelling leadership for young women was an essential part of them realising that they could be leaders too. 

To download the resources in English, Spanish, Italian, Latvia, Slovenian or Polish, please click on this link.

We hope you enjoy these interactive resources. We would love to have your feedback on them. They are already available in six languages and if you would like to translate them into yours, please let us know. 

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