Red:GLOW is an EU partnership project between 7 NGOs with the aim of empowering young women.


Red:GLOW is an EU partnership project between 7 NGOs with the aim of empowering young women.

WONDER Foundation(United Kingdom)

WONDER’s mission is to improve the all-round wellbeing of vulnerable communities worldwide, through increased access to education, healthcare and economic and personal development tools. In Europe, our main focus has been combating youth social isolation and promoting volunteerism as a way to develop skills for life and make a positive impact on society.

WONDER will engage in extensive capacity building to the other partners in all areas of the programme as they have the greatest experience in EU programmes. Also as their organisation prepares to Brexit they are working with the network to ensure their experience is transferred and the knowledge acquired can be sustained through the other partners. 


The Baytree Centre (United Kingdom)

Baytree Centre is a community centre for migrant and disadvantaged women and girls in Brixton, London. Each year we help 400 girls and 400 women to improve their life chances through educational programmes (formal and non-formal). Baytree has participated in several youth mobilities and has developed a great leadership curriculum we will adopt and scale with this programme.

The Baytree Centre will be developing a leadership curriculum. They will share their knowledge of working with migrant young women and refugees to integrate into a host country.


Stowarzyszenie Krzewienia Edukacji i Kultury Dziesiatka (Poland)

The aim of Stowarzyszenie Krzewienia Edukacji i Kultury Dziesiatka (DZ) is to initiate, support and conduct educational, cultural, scientific and other activities leading to self-improvement and personal development. All the activities, workshops classes for youth support young people in working on acquiring competencies that will allow them to be leaders in their environment and later valuable employees. The activities serve as well to better understand the European heritage and to develop the values ​​necessary in a democratic state.


Fundacija Sursum (Slovenia)

Fundacija Sursum will add to the partnership their experience of involving the host community into the integration process as well as involving the migrant women’s families in their own integration process and the effects that empowering a migrant woman. Fundacija Sursum will lead Youth Worker Training in Slovenia and London.


Porta Nevia (Italy)

Porta Nevia is a students association working in Rome to offer self-development and career guidance to students to avoid underemployment and promote EU mobility and good career prospects. It works with 500 young students per year.

Porta Nevia will organise the 2 youth exchanges (one per year) coordinate all the logistics and participate also in all work packages. They will also coordinate the final conference with policymakers as well as the dissemination of project activities in Italy.


Fundación Canfranc (Spain) 

In all the projects, the Canfranc Foundation aims to address the social demands and problems that are presented in each moment at each place with a deep conviction of the dignity of all. The Canfranc Foundation thrives on the desire to develop young people and to encourage their positive contribution to the uplifting of society. Canfranc does this by engaging young people in a variety of voluntary work, training, recreational activities for informal learning and international voluntary work. The main activities include youth clubs, sporting activities and camps, summer and holiday activities.

Canfranc will lead the network building and take part in all other work packages. The foundation will disseminate outputs and results among their partners and local authorities of small rural villages in la Rioja.


Biedriba Kulturas un Izglitibas Biedriba (Latvia)

Biedriba Kulturas un Izglitibas Biedriba (KIB)’s mission is to work on the integrated development of young people so that they can develop their full potential, and through this, make them aware of the contribution they can make to society. The ultimate goal when working with our volunteers and other beneficiaries are to empower them so as to have them take the initiative to positively influence their surroundings and their country. KIB has supported over 200 volunteers and has developed a great programme to support young people into civic action. KIB has been commended as one of the few NGOs developing volunteer in Latvia.

KIB will transfer their experience to the other partners of engaging young people who do not typically volunteer.

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