Yarani giving basic education, livelihood and vocation training alongside mentoring and life skills

Yarani Professional Training School

Yarani offers women and girls basic education, livelihood training and accredited vocational training, alongside mentoring and life skills.

Yarani, is the only vocational training provider in Abobo, Abidjan’s most populous area. The school is committed to promoting the education, training and professional development of women, the school implements practical programmes in the hotel industry and business management to empower them. 

Yarani prepares young women from Côte d’Ivoire for vocational training diplomas in cooking and hospitality. Committed to improving women’s prospects, The school offers women and girls basic education, livelihood training and accredited vocational training, alongside mentoring and life skills, specialising in literacy courses and hospitality programmes.

  • Project focus: vocational training, mentoring
  • Year we started working with Yarani: 2018
  • Women and girls directly impacted: 548

What your donations can do


£28 a month can cover boarding fees for one student.


£300 can cover the fees for a year of hospitality training.


£450 can cover the two-year fee for a baking course.

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