Wavecrest College of Hospitality

Wavecrest College of Hospitality empowers young women in Nigeria through vocational training and mentoring.

Wavecrest College of Hospitality empowers young women with technical and soft skills so they can find good employment in the hospitality industry.

Our local partner in Nigeria, Wavecrest College of Hospitality is a vocational institution that teaches technical and professional skills to young women, many from less privileged backgrounds. Wavecrest helps young women develop the vocational skills they need to enter stable employment and gain financial independence following graduation.

The young women who graduate from the school’s vocational hospitality training programmes increase their family’s income by at least 50% when they start working. The increase in their income is transformative. It gives these young women confidence and the power to plan better futures.

Since we started working with Wavecrest College of Hospitality in 2013, we have supported the empowerment of 4,583 young women through hospitality training and mentoring programmes.


Your impact


£67  can cover the fees for a two day marketing course 

£318  can cover the fees for a four months advanced culinary course

£692  can cover the fees for one year of the hospitality management certification course