Tewa providing education for women and girls to access decent jobs in hospitality and tourism

Tewa Training Centre

Tewa Training Centre empowers marginalised girls and young women in Kenya through transformative vocational training and mentoring.

Tewa Training centre helps marginalized girls and young women fulfil their potential and find dignified employment in rural Kenya.

Our local partner in Kenya, Tewa Training Centre, empowers marginalised girls and young women through transformative vocational training and mentoring. Tewa is based in Kilifi County, one of the country’s poorest districts, where women have little access to education. With only 48% of girls moving into secondary education, Tewa plays a key role in making education and opportunities accessible to young women and girls in the area.

Our partnership with Tewa makes education more accessible through our financial support and capacity building. The young women who enrol at Tewa receive two years of hospitality training classes aimed at giving them the skills needed to enter the local tourism industry and meet the demands of the local job market. Tewa also undertakes outreach work, geared towards uplifting the living standards of women through training in technical skills that will help them be self-sufficient starting up their own businesses.

Since we started working with Tewa Training Centre in 2015, we have supported the empowerment and education of 542 young women and girls.

Your impact

£25 a month can cover the cost of the vocational training programme for a young woman.


£35 can fund a short course in cookery and housekeeping for a young woman.


£70 can cover the fees for a student’s uniform and materials.


£610 can fund a scholarship for a two-year vocational training programme.

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