Engaging with young people to develop awareness of active and European citizenship and intersectional solidarity.

OBJECT builds on the work that WONDER and our partners Sursum and Canfranc have undertaken to date on young women’s engagement, empowerment and citizenship, particularly on addressing exclusion of minorities and tackling approaches that dehumanise and objectify people. Through this work the young people have seen that building European, local and national solidarity in current contexts cannot be done without looking at multiple disadvantage: a multisectional approach.

Young people will build skills to investigate this complexity, understand policy making and campaigning, and how to discuss hot-button topics in constructive ways. We will be inviting experts, and young people will be involved in leading and developing the project. Through formal, non-formal and informal learning young people will develop an awareness of active and European citizenship and intersectional solidarity.

As part of their campaign development young people developed and launched their policy idea to address domestic abuse in Europe. 




Policy proposal

Increasing access to domestic abuse information in the UK and EU

Project impact

Engaging 581 young people  through 15 events in London, two of which will be attended by young activists from Spain and Slovenia.

3 campaigns  will be developed by young people from the UK, Spain and Slovenia, supported by mentors, and will be presented at the UK Parliament in Spring 2020.