Project MIRIAM

Supporting the empowerment and social integration of migrant women across Europe.

The MIRIAM Project supports the empowerment and social integration of migrant and refugee women and girls across Europe.

Migrant women have been worst hit by COVID-19, due to a range of vulnerabilities such as their higher incidence of poverty and overcrowded housing conditions. Poor migrant women are also in a vulnerable position in the labour market due to their typically less stable employment conditions, lower seniority on the job and caring responsibilities. The negative impact on immigrants’ labour market outcomes is exacerbated by the fact that they are strongly overrepresented in those sectors most affected by the pandemic to date.

Project MIRIAM aims to address these issues and empower 420 migrant women through one-to-one mentoring as well as supporting the development of local language skills, digital skills, employability, wellbeing, family stability and financial literacy. The project will also benefit 420 local women mentors from the host communities who will be empowered as agents of change.

Currently, WONDER Foundation is delivering this work through our existing partnerships with the Baytree Centre in London, by increasing their capacity to support migrant women, give them the tools to thrive, and influence local stakeholders. We are already working with 118 migrant women and girls and have three women on the waiting list. We have already started delivering a range of activities including ESOL classes and digital skills workshops.

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Project impact

Empowering 420 migrant and refugee women and girls  through one-to-one mentoring as well as skills development.

Empowering 420 local women mentors  from the host communities to be agents of change.

Increasing the capacity of 7 European NGOs  to support migrant women by giving them the tools to thrive and influence local stakeholders.