Lycée Liziba

Lycée Liziba provides quality education to children with few opportunities.

Lycée Liziba offers high-quality education for girls in Kinshasa with few opportunities. They raise girls’ aspirations to continue their studies so that they can have good opportunities in the future. The school engages the girls’ families to create a supportive environment for their personal development.

In a country where millions of girls are out of school, projects like these are key to educating the next generation. With little resources, the government is not in a position to offer quality education. Educational provision is insufficient due to a lack of infrastructure and teaching materials, and inadequate teacher training.

  • Project focus: schooling, mentoring
  • Year we started working with Lycée Liziba: 2015
  • Women and girls directly impacted: 1,320  

What your donation can do

£5 a month can go towards buying new books for the school.

£30 a month can cover the school fees for a primary school student.

£60 can cover the uniform and material fee for a student.

£200 could go towards training a new teacher.