Kamalini supports women with basic education, vocational training and work placements with respectful employers.

Kamalini empowers women by offering basic education, vocational training and work placements with respectful employers in India.

Our local partner in India, Kamalini, empowers underprivileged women in Delhi and Haryana through education and mentoring. Many of them have experienced early marriage and motherhood and have left education at an early age. Kamalini offers basic education, vocational training and mentoring for these women. 

Kamalini also undertakes outreach work with families, helping them understand the importance and value of educating women. Our partnership with Kamalini makes education more accessible to women through our financial support and capacity building. The women who enrol at Kamalini receive three to twelve months of classes, including IT, tailoring, English, and housekeeping, which are useful in the local job market. The majority of these women go on to start their own businesses. Many others find work that allows them to support both themselves and their family.

Since we started working with Kamalini in 2015, we have supported the empowerment and education of 4,944 women.

How your donations can help


£5  a month can fund English classes, helping women access better positions in the formal economy.

£40  can fund 3 months of basic IT training for a young woman.

£85  can fun 6 months of tailoring training to help a woman become self-reliant.

£100  can go towards buying materials and equipment for the school.