Junkabal helps families living around a 40-acre rubbish dump through high-quality education for girls and training for their mothers.⁣

Junkabal vocational training school and Colegio Junkabal were formed as a response to Guatemala City’s huge rubbish dump, which it borders. The rubbish dump not only presents a dangerous issue for the environment but also is a humanitarian problem, many families reside on the margins of the rubbish dump, living and working on it. These families are poor and often can’t send their children to school after their primary education, repeating the same cycle of poverty generation after generation.

The Junkabal foundation addresses the needs of these families, it provides children with formal education and provides vocational training courses for their parents. Through Junkabal many families have been empowered as mothers have gained an education, allowing them to enter better and safer employment.

  • Project focus: vocational training, school, mentoring
  • Women and girls directly impacted: 7,082
  • We have worked with Junkabal since: 2013

What your donations can do


£5 a month can cover a whole week of school fees for a child.

£40  a month can cover the fees for a vocational training course.

£60  can pay a child’s school fees for a full year.

£100  could go towards new materials for the school.