Junkabal helps families living around a 40-acre rubbish dump through high-quality education for girls and training for their mothers.⁣

Junkabal vocational training school and Colegio Junkabal were established as a response to Guatemala City’s huge rubbish dump, which it borders. This poses many environmental and humanitarian challenges. Many families living on the dump’s outskirts struggle with poverty, unable to afford education beyond primary school, perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

The Junkabal Foundation addresses this by offering formal education to children and vocational training for parents, empowering families to break free from poverty. Mothers, in particular, benefit by gaining education and access to safer, better-paying jobs.

  • Project focus: vocational training, school, mentoring
  • Women and girls directly impacted: 7,082
  • We have worked with Junkabal since: 2013

What your donations can do

£5 a month can cover a whole week of school fees for a child.

£40 a month can cover the fees for a vocational training course.

£60 can pay a child’s school fees for a full year.

£100 could go towards new materials for the school.