Fatima empowering migrant women across four countries


FATIMA is a collaborative project which supports the empowerment and social integration of migrant women across four countries.

Now in its second year, our EU partnership project, FATIMA,  is empowering migrant women, aged between 15 and 50, living in the UK, Poland, Slovenia, and Spain through a personalised and holistic approach.

The FATIMA project was co-designed with the purpose of supporting the economic, social cultural and political integration of 210 female Third-Country Nationals (non-European citizens), with a particular focus on local-language-learning. Each woman enrolled is receiving one-to-one support through language classes, mentoring, personalised development programmes, civic engagement and cultural activities, as well as volunteering and work experience. There have been numerous challenges to the programme’s implementation, but we are immensely proud of how our project partners have taken a flexible approach and succeeded in achieving all of our goals.  

  • Women directly impacted: 210
  • FATIMA Project was launched in: 2017
  • Number of partner organisations: 5
  • Visit project website: FATIMA Project

Project impact


140 women have enrolled in language classes since the beginning of the project (66% of the two-year goal).


31 nationalities are represented.


36 years old is the average age of the women enrolled.


More than 50 activities are being done with women to help them integrate into their new country.

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