Baytree Centre

The Baytree Centre is a charity working with and empowering women and girls through education and skills development programmes.

The Baytree Centre is a social inclusion charity for women and girls based in the heart of Brixton, London. The women and girls who use the centre face multiple barriers to inclusion, such as a lack of English language skills, an inability to access employment opportunities, racism, or discrimination.

Baytree’s education and support programmes are flexible and tailor their services to the needs of each individual. All projects for both women and girls rely on 1–1 mentoring, offering support to them in overcoming personal difficulties. Baytree’s supportive and professional atmosphere helps women and girls develop confidence and plan specific steps to build futures for themselves and their families. After spending time at Baytree, 34% of the women and girls go directly into employment and 63% proceed to further education.

  • Project focus: informal girls’ education, mentoring, basic adult education, youth empowerment, migrant and refugee support
  • Year we started working with Baytree Centre: 2012
  • Women and girls directly impacted: 3,600

What your donations can do

£10 can help a girl attend an after-school activity for a whole term.

£20 can cover the cost of mentoring a woman or girl for a whole term.

£50 a month can go towards the cost of ESOL classes for migrant women.

£100 can help a refugee or migrant girl access our day programme and receive ESOL classes, Maths lessons and personal development workshops for a whole term.