Aminata, Yarani, vocational student

Aminata’s Story

“I would love to work in the biggest hotel in the world!”- Aminata is an alumni of Yarani.

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carmina story baytree uk

Carmina’s Story

“When I think of Baytree a smile comes to me” – Carmina is a mentor at Baytree.

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Cecilia’s Story

“Junkabal is like its meaning in Kaqchikel, home.” – Cecilia is an alumni of Junkabal.

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gloria story wavecrest nigeria

Gloria’s Story

“They say it takes a whole village to raise a child.” – Gloria is a teacher at Wavecrest.

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H.K.’s Story

“Having a scholarship is a great help for me and my family!” – H.K is a student at ISSI.

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Josephine’s Story

“Tewa lets me be who I want.” – Josephine is a graduate of Tewa.

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Lilian’s Story

“Having a mentor has really helped me 100%!” – Lilian is an alumni of Lantana.

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maria fpti anihan philippines story

Maria’s Story

“Anihan played an huge part in achieving my dreams.” – Maria is a alumni of FPTI.

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mary kenya tewa

Mary’s Story

“Stand up all the time in the moments you feel you are down.” – Mary is a student at Tewa.

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Nya story baytree uk

Nya’s Story

“Baytree is amazing, welcoming, we’re like a family!” – Nya is a peer leader at Baytree.

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Ogechi’s Story

“I couldn’t believe I could now go to school again.” – Ogechi is an alumni of Wavecrest.

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Preye’s Story

“I have taught the members of my family to live better.” – Preye is an alumni of Orisun.

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Renate’s Story

“I am confident in my skills.” – Renate is a student at Kimbondo.

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Sarah’s Story

“I hope more young girls will be able to fulfil their dreams.”- Sarah is an alumni of ISSI.

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Suzy’s Story

“I feel like this work is changing the world!” – Suzy is a teacher at Tewa in Kenya.

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