Research and Publications

This is an archive of all our publications, including reports, studies and research, spanning a number of years.

Research and publications

This is an archive of all our publications, including reports, studies and research, spanning a number of years.
Empowering Midwives, saving lives

Empowering Midwives, Saving Lives

This report explores the work ISSI is doing to build DRC’s long-term capacity to improve health outcomes for women and their babies.

Autonomisation de sage-femmes, sauver des vies

Ce rapport explore le travail effectué par l’ISSI pour renforcer la capacité à long terme de la RDC à améliorer les résultats en matière de santé pour les femmes et leurs bébés.

Spaces That Empower Women Learners

This thesis draws from a case study on WONDER Foundation’s core element ‘Empowering Spaces’ to investigate the relationship between built environment, and empowerment and learning for vulnerable women. 

Invisible or Ignored? The Long Road to Education for Migrant Girls in England

This report investigates access to education for newly arrived migrant teenagers in England from a gender perspective.

Mobility Mentoring Impact Report 2022-23

This report reflects on our partnership with EMPath and demonstrates the success of mobility mentoring in our projects thus far.

Feeling Significant, Building Change: Why Mentoring is So Important

This report explains the significant impact that mentoring has on women and girls’ education, and the approach that we take to mentoring within our own projects.

ForSUD report: Sharing Learning and Policy Migration

In this report for ELIS, director of programmes and policy Olivia Darby shares key learnings from the ForSUD project, which engaged our partners in Nigeria and Côte d’Ivoire to address root causes of irregular migration and human trafficking.

Report: Wzmocnienie pozycji imigrantek w Polsce

Jako że Polska otwiera swoje granice dla osób uciekających przed wojną na Ukrainie, chcieliśmy podzielić się naszą wiedzą z innymi, którzy chcą, aby imigranci byli mile widziani w naszym kraju.

Insight report: Future of Work: Women (Dis)connected

In this report, WONDER Foundation sheds light on the challenges facing women and girls’ education as a result of the gender digital divide and the ongoing pandemic.

Report: Empowering Migrant Women to Thrive

In this report, WONDER Foundation shares insights from the FATIMA project to further the conversation on the meaningful integration of migrant women.

Insight Report: the Future of Work for Young Women in Kilifi

In this report, WONDER Foundation highlights the need to equip women in rural Kenya with a diverse skill set so they can adapt and thrive in the post-COVID world.

Insight Report: the Need for Nurses in DR Congo

This report sets out the situation of the healthcare sector in DR Congo, providing context as to why training nurses is essential to driving change in this sector.

Le besoin d’infirmiers en République démocratique du Congo

Ce rapport présente la situation du secteur des soins de santé en RD Congo, et explique pourquoi la formation des infirmiers est essentielle au changement dans ce secteur.

Volunteering Programme Guidance for Youth Workers

Inspiring young women to be active citizens and to reflect on the skills for work and life that they learn through volunteering.

Red: GLOW Youth Worker Handbook

Inspiring young women to be leaders in their schools, universities, workplaces and communities.

Building Young Women's Leadership at Work and as Citizens

Policy recommendations from our Red: GLOW project.

A Guide for Youth Workers

Supporting young women as leaders, workers and citizens in Europe.

The Spalding Method: an Evaluation for the Baytree Centre

A study conducted by Dr Greg Brooks and Dr Maxine Burton to evaluate the impact of the Baytree Centre’s application of the Spalding Method to teaching female adult learners English.

Integration Green Paper: Wonder’s Written Response

We have been raising awareness of the barriers that vulnerable female migrants face when learning English in the UK, and the wider challenges to integration that they face.

Easier Transitions: Helping Young People Across Europe Get into Work

This report records and evaluates the findings of the Easier Transitions project, aimed to empower both youth workers and young people to reflect on the value of informal education.

Knowing Me, Knowing You (Europe-level Policy): Erasmus Exchanges

As part of our Erasmus+ funded programme, Knowing Me Knowing You, young people were invited to develop and submit policy ideas to facilitate migrant interation in Europe.

Knowing Me, Knowing You (Local-level Policy): Children’s Centres

As part of our Erasmus+ funded programme, Knowing Me Knowing You, young people were invited to develop and submit policy ideas to facilitate migrant interation in Europe.

Insight Report: Women in Kazakhstan

This report, written by Jans Mynbayeva, provides an insight into the situation for women in Kazakhstan, a diverse country with huge resources and great potential, as well as more specifically into the country’s hospitality sector.

Women Breaking the English Barrier

This report reveals that vulnerable refugee women living in the UK face significant barriers to learning English and provides recommendations for the government to meet the complex needs of these women.

English: the Gateway to Wellbeing

Raising awareness of the need for and the value of continuing migrant women and girls’ education and empowerment when they arrive in London.

How confident are healthcare professionals in addressing FGM?

This study, written by Dr Raheal Gabrasadig, shows that around 3/4 of healthcare professionals face barriers that prevent them from speaking to patients about FGM.

Female Genital Mutilation Risk in Westminster

This report reveals that an estimated 770 Westminster schoolgirls aged between 3-18 may be at risk of FGM, and that over 40% of them are from countries where FGM is practised.

Feeling Confident to Learn: Creating Education Spaces Where Women Feel Welcome

This articles discusses the benefits of women-only classes as a safe space and welcoming environment for those from challenge backgrounds.

Red:GLOW resources

Here you will find a selection of youth work resources. These have been developed as part of Red:GLOW, and will support you in addressing a range of topics around gender and leadership.