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Annual report: our impact in 2019-2020

We are delighted to share our annual report 2019-2020 which demonstrates WONDER’s impact and our commitment to our local partners around the world.

The last year has been a milestone year for WONDER, and we are so grateful for all of you who have supported our work. We are proud to have empowered 11,136 women and girls through quality education and training, working with 26 local partners in 18 countries around the world.

The onset of COVID-19 has not stopped us from continuing our work to empower women and girls across our projects in the UK and internationally, and has made it more relevant than ever before. The crisis is exacerbating existing inequalities and structural barriers, particularly in relation to women’s limited access to decent work and education. Ensuring the economic inclusion and empowerment of women has therefore never been more important.

We are working with our local partners to ensure that the training they deliver post-COVID-19 will be relevant in changed economies. Our partners have shown adaptability and dedication to their students, providing emergency aid and developing alternative modes of study. Students have shown their resilience, putting their training into action to generate much-needed income for their families during the crisis.

Our partner projects and the women leading them are doing essential work in creating locally-relevant, people focused solutions to the turmoil created by COVID-19. It is a privilege, made possible by you, our supporters, for WONDER to be able to develop opportunities for women and girls to become leaders in their own lives and agents of change in their families and communities.

This annual report demonstrates WONDER’s impact in 2019-2020 and our continued commitment to our local partners in 18 countries around the world. To download our annual report for the year 2019-2020, please click on this link.