“Thank you, Oliver House, for my scholarship!”

Over the last two years, Oliver House School in London has fundraised over £3,000 for Junkabal School in Guatemala City.

Our partner, Junkabal School, educates children from the neighbourhood surrounding Guatemala’s largest municipal rubbish dump. The school gives hope and offers opportunities to children from some of the most marginalised and vulnerable families in the city.

Through their efforts, Oliver House Students have fundraised an impressive amount of funds to send to Junkabal. Through a series of different fundraising events, including a Christmas card sale and a sponsored walk, Oliver House children raised a total of £3794.11 to send to Guatemala in the last two years. They have also formed a long-lasting international friendship with children at Junkabal School. The children in Guatemala recently sent cards to say thank you to all Oliver House children for their hard work and generosity.

These donations have been used to establish new year-long scholarships for low-income children to attend Junkabal as well as enabling much-needed infrastructure improvements at the school. It costs £60 to send a child to school for a year so the children have calculated they have provided a year of schooling for over 60 pupils.

“Thank you, Oliver House for my scholarship! This year, I am very happy to be at school and will be the best student. Thank you for thinking and caring about us and we love you a lot.”

Junkabal student

The impact of Oliver House’s fundraising has been transformative for both new and existing Junkabal students. In Guatemala, over 2 million children do not attend school every year. Children and families living near the rubbish dump in Guatemala City are particularly excluded from education as they cannot afford the costs of schooling after the first, free, six years. For women and girls, continuing their education is often not an option.

Our mission is to give access to quality education to women and girls so that they can be empowered in their life. This starts with making sure that every girl can complete her education in a safe and nurturing space. Your fundraising efforts can make a huge difference, look at our fundraising page to see how you can get involved.

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