Are migrant girls invisible? or ignored?

All women and girls have a right to education.

Are migrant girls invisible, or ignored?

All children in the UK have a right to education, including migrant and refugee girls. But many of these girls face obstacle after obstacle in their attempts to access the education they deserve. More than invisible, these girls are often ignored, falling through the cracks between local authorities, schools, and government policy.  

Unable to go to school, these girls are at greater risk of experiencing depression, exploitation, and even violence. They may later struggle to find a job, and are less likely to thrive in the UK. 

Read our latest report on why migrant girls are missing out on education when they arrive in England, and what we can do about it. 

Everything is different. The culture, the language, and the religion. Everything, everything. Even the education system was different.

You can help migrant girls be heard. Tell your MP about our latest report.

To effectively integrate newly arrived pupils into mainstream education, more research, and resources are needed. More people need to be aware of and prioritise this issue.

You can make a change by inviting your MP to read our report and consider the recommendations for policymakers.

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